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ABOUT OUR UNIVERSITY (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Univeristy)


The Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW) was founded on 3rd September 1999. The University was established on the basis of the former Academy of Catholic Theology (1954-1999). Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University is a public university with 32 fields of study (at 10 faculties), over 16.000 students, 737 academic teachers and 383 administrative staff.

Studies are carried out in a full-time system and a part-time system, both in a long cycle system (master) and in a first cycle (bachelor). The UKSW also offers professional qualifications in postgraduate and doctoral programs. Studies conducted in most of the fields are certified by the State Accreditation Commission. Students have the opportunity to go on to over 60 universities in Europe under the Erasmus program. There are numerous student scientific associations and student organizations, student theater and choir. There are sport facilities as well.

More information about the University you find at webpage: www.uksw.edu.pl/en

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ABOUT OUR FACULTY (Faculty of Christian Philosophy)


The Faculty of Christian Philosophy encompasses three institutes: Institute of Philosophy, Institute of Psychology and Institute of Ecology and Bioethics, including altogether 16 sections and more than 30 chairs. The Faculty has a stand-alone computer labs, diagnostic laboratory, library and laboratory with the Vienna Test System (VTS). Since 2014/15 year our students have access to new Laboratory Center of Natural Sciences and Central Psychological Laboratory.

See our web-site: www.wfch.uksw.edu.pl

Our mission is to provide your students with our study amicable environment where research and education come together. The Faculty offers:

Bachelor- and Master-level programs' in philosophy and environmental protection

• Integrated Master-level program in psychology

• programmes PhD in philosophy and psychology

In our programmes of study we strive to offer diverse and attractive education based on comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge.

The Faculty is safeguarding its future by developing high-quality research. The Faculty publishes own three scientific journals: "Studia Psychologica", "Studia Philosophiae Christianae" and "Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae." Recently the Faculty was assessed "A category" in the national accreditation process, demonstrating that it fully meets the requirements laid down in its mission statement.

More information can be found at Institutes' webpages:

Philosophy: http://www.filozofia.uksw.edu.pl/
Psychology: http://www.psychologia.wfch.uksw.edu.pl/
Ecology and Bioethics: http://www.ieib.uksw.edu.pl/pl/


ABOUT OUR INSTITUTE (Institute of Philosophy)


Institute of Philosophy (IF) was established in 1999. The creation of the IF was associated with the reorganization of the structure of the Department of Christian Philosophy (WFCh) in the Catholic Academy in Warsaw (ATK), which was transformed into the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW).

Now in the Institute of Philosophy and conducted are Bachelor- and Master-level programs' in philosophy and also PhD program in philosophy. We have 6 specializations : Social Ethics; Philosophy of Sciences; History of Philosophy and Ontology; Philosophy of Culture, Religion and Politics; High Academic Way of Philosophy, and Philosophy and Culture of East-Central Europe - Experience and Thought. In our Institute runs philosophical radio "Sed Contra."



We look beyond the boundaries of our own University and the strongly support and promote international mobility both staff and students at our Faculty. Year after year, in welcome an Increasing number of international students into our academic community. The Faculty of Christian Philosophy currently collaborates with foreign universities, scientific and research Institutions. We believe That it is a Significant area of ​​our development. Therefore, our Faculty strives to Facilitate isnt all forms of international cooperation as well as to create conditions for Establishing new models of international collaboration. We offer a warm welcome to all our guests from abroad!



Students from European universities That have signed the Erasmus Bilateral Agreement with the Faculty of Christian Philosophy in the field of philosophy, psychology or environmental protection small spend one or two semesters studying at each of our Institutes. Please note that the incoming Erasmus students should be officially nominated by their home institution.

If you would like to study with us but your University does not have bilateral agreement with our Faculty, please contact:

Dr. Agnieszka Szymańska: agnieszka.szymanska@uksw.edu.pl (All Students BA and MA and PhD courses)

Information about application procedure and Erasmus + program at UKSW are provided at International Office webpage: http://www.dwm.uksw.edu.pl/en/

Each year the Faculty of Christian Philosophy provides some courses in English for international students.



1. Courses in English
Students are offered a selection of courses taught in English in psychology, philosophy, environmetal protection. Year by year the strive to make our offer more attractive and diverse.

2. Orientation trainning
To help you get settled during your first days in Warsaw, our International Office has designed an orientation training for Erasmus students with useful tips, information and opportunities to meet your fellow Erasmus students. You will be e-mailed about the exact time of the orientation training.

3. Mentor program
To help you finding your way at the University and in Poland, you can ask about your personal Polish buddy - a Polish student who can answer all your practical questions, show you the way in Warsaw, in your faculty, in Polish habits, etc. This kind of help is provided by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is a student organization That supports student mobility. It aims to improve the integration by organizing trips, parties and events for international and local students. Members of our ESN offer help and support from the beginning of your stay in Poland (Mentor program). For more information go to www.uksw.esn.pl

4. Coordinators' help and support
Coordinators are the persons responsible for the mobility programs. Each international student is supported by two coordinators: the academic coordinator (dr. Zuzanna Górska) and the administrative coordinator (Mariola Sadowska). They will be happy to help you during your study at our Faculty.

5. Accommodation
We can offer a place in the Student Residence in double rooms. Each room is equipped with internet connection, a toilet, two showers, a dining room with cooker and fridge. In the dormitory students have access to TV room, living room, reading room, laundry and drying facilities. The rent is about EUR 100-150 per month.

6. Poland - attractive destination country
Poland reached With 8th place in the rankings of the best national brands, under the category of "Rising Star" and conducted by the Country Brand Index, Indicating That the countries are the most attractive to tourists. Visitors to Poland are discovering fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites. Whether exploring cities, historical monuments or nature, visitors are sure to bring away rich memories. Poland is attractive destination for students. In the 2012-13 academic year our country was the 7th most popular destination country in the EU with 10 772 incoming students. Besides, Poland is Considered one of the cheapest countries in the EU to live as a student.

7. Warsaw - students' place
of The University is located in Warsaw - the capital of Poland. Warsaw is one of the quickest developing European cities and the center of political, social and cultural live. Warsaw also has rich academic life - it hosts more than 200,000 students per year. Warsaw with its charm and its many cultural and recreational activities is a great city to explore and a great tourist destination. Additionally the city has a privileged geography, located halfway between the sea and the mountain.

8. Polish your Polish
We offer voluntary Polish course (paid). Moreover, you can practice your Polish hanging out with your Polish friends.

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